Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dataspace X

Tight spiral lattices
Multisensory data fold and fractalize
In a mindspace realized by parallel man

Parallel processes
Can you see
The helix of code
The data blinds me

The spiraling thoughts
The burgoning lots
To a solution

From the neon genesis
From the complex code
The star child arises
The sum a single node
Out of mindspace
A god is born
Science is now our place
A fruit of life forsworn

The fate of destruction
The joy of rebirth
All egos shall join
Thus awakens the earth
Out of the second web
A first son awakens
Out of the web of thoughts
A carnal creation

As the code evolves
Mankind grows once more
As the data links
As does the ribose core
Hoping for a coredump
Hoping for a sign
Hoping for a signal
For the end of our kind

I hope I can stay
And bask in the cusp
The elegant equation
The end of mere sentiency
Dust to dust