Friday, September 26, 2008


Property is theft. Property is liberty. Therefore, by transitive relation, theft is liberty.

"Critique Thyself".

"Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough." -William Saroyan

Being who you are is it's own punishment.

Green paper makes me happy!

To be written on elevator doors: "You are now trapped"

Lego my Ego

I am the s-curve of the self-same scatterbrain
I am the slowness that will execute the change
I am the fullness that will amplify the strain
I am the overflow, crawling up the walls in vain

I am the s-curve of the self-same scattered brain
I am the scattered god to which my members pray
I am the scattered god on which my members prey
I am the scattered god in which my members stay

I am the s-curve of the self-sane scattered brain
I am the poison spread like forking of the veins
I am the seed I spread, a false fruit among grain
I am the murmurer, the world that says true names

Everyone has their favorite blind spot.

Small minds think alike, too.

Those who don't question their own beliefs probably shouldn't have any.

Language is speaking you.

The average human has ___ original thoughts per day.

Why worry about the unknown when you don't know the now?

This Message Not Valid Without Receipt

"Where is fancy bred, in the heart or in the head?"

with only a speck of shit on your nose, everything will smell bad.

wash your face.

Jesus died for your sensei.

Revelations will not be televised.

Count the seconds it takes to stop thinking about this sentence.

YOU WIN! you found the hidden note. Re-Hide this note to receive GOOD LUCK

"Pretend this is Reality"

the goal of religion is its dissollution

The End is Rear!

Sanity is not your most valuable asset.

Sanity isn't the survival trait it used to be.

Life sucks but never swallows.

Security without freedom is prison.

They can take our guns, but they can't take our ignorance!

"Curiosity was framed. Ignorance killed the cat."

"Curiosity killed the cat. Don't be a pussy."

"Bi-Curiosity killed the ____________."

"Think outside the book."

I just hijacked your brain. You can have it back at the end of this sentence.

Enjoy Coca-Cola Or the terrorists have already won

"Just because it's common sense doesn't mean it's true."

Within 24 hours, something will happen to you. Don't be afraid. It's the beginning of a story.

If you stand on this spot long enough, you will see some very strange things.

"Imagine the unimaginable"

If you bang your head against a brick wall long enough, do the colors of the pot and the kettle change so that they look different?

The difference between apathy and ignorance?, I dont know and couldnt care less.

Hate the Poor: what are THEY gonna do about it.

the meek really will inherit the earth, 6 foot by 3 of it...

It's all been done before. So do it louder.

The "counter-culture" is neither.

Q: Who is the greatest and wisest of the sages? A: I don't know, she never boasted.

You know, the fact that you are even reading this is completely by random chance. OH MY GOD, LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!

Perverts aren't the only ones to molest your kids.

Volunteer fascism

An ounce of dignity is no cure for stupid

You have to admire persistence, or they won't stop.

Doing nothing you regret leads to regretting doing nothing.

If it wasn't for television, you'd have never gotten that tattoo.

"That's just what I believe" is not a valid argument.

Do you believe or just believe that you believe?

Beliefs are like assault rifles: just because the Constitution says you can have them, doesn't mean you need them.

"Habeas Corpus" doesn't mean "Play Dead."

If you didn't descend from apes, why are you constantly flinging shit?

When opportunity knocks, answer the door naked.

when knocking as opportunity enter through the back door.

"Patriotism isn't about being a better citizen, it's about demanding a better country."

In the end. there's a period.

Hell hath no humor like a discordian scorned.

Religion is a man staring at a tree and wondering who is moving the leaves.

Sorry I hit your car, you shouldn't even notice the damage.

Rejoin the human race.

Walk away and pretend this never happened.

You're absolutely correct, /consciously/.


Don't trust me -- I don't exist.

"Do not open this door under any circumstances." (On a wall or floor)

"This is not a pipe." (On anything, whether it's a pipe or not)

"Good artists borrow. Great artists starve to death."

"Use condoms while screwing the establishment."

"Please use other door." (On the inside of a bathroom stall)

"This elevator has been accident-free for 16 days!"

minimalism is about the big picture

Coca-Cola, proud sponspors of the Revolution

Coca-Cola, proud sponspors of the Environment