Friday, February 20, 2009



The time binding is not a

it is an amplifier
two hundred percent efficiency

You cannot record
and expect it not to spread
be communicated
be remembered forever in the soul
of a machine and in people
you will have never known
but it lives, still
and it lives on and grows without you

You cannot say
and expect it not to grow
and have a life of its own
grow without you
live past you
live longer than you
but in a different place
a cornerstone of a different language
that you could not imagine
it breeds before your eyes
and someday your words
will themselves be more intelligent
than you ever were
and more immortal
than I^2

1 comment:

  1. Man Enki, anytime I read anything you write or post it always ends up being so full of intelligence, it's the kind of stuff I wish I could see and find more of these days. Anytime I read something you post, be it Facebook, this blog, MSN, whatever; it always strikes me as being full of intelligence.